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Nonton Film What a Good Secretary Wants (2016)

What a Good Secretary Wants (2016)

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Nonton Film Semi What a Good Secretary Wants

Sipnosis :

What a Good Secretary Wants 2016 about Virtuoso Consulting is a selecting organization that gives Board of Members of substantial corporates and expert abilities to China. As the first secretary for Joo Yeong-cheol, CEO of the organization went on her maternity leave, Ji-won, another secretary is enlisted and begins filling the position. Every one of the workers welcome her who looks provocative initially, is equipped for doing her occupation furthermore has a warm decent identity. On a blustery night, CEO Joo and his new secretary Ji-won have a brief lager break, while working until late around evening time in the workplace. As she leaves the workplace sooner than him since she wouldn’t like to exasperate his work, CEO Joo feels somewhat sad. She soon gets encompassed by the male representatives and has a charming and noisy discussion with them, when leaving the workplace, and this makes CEO Joo feel desirous.